Runhao Zeng

I am a tenure-track associate professor at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, China. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Automation in 2015 and my Ph.D. in Software Engineering in 2021, both from the South China University of Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Mingkui Tan and Dr. Chuang Gan. My research interests span machine learning and deep learning with a focus on their applications in video understanding and AI+Health. I have a particular interest in the multimodal information-based assessment and analysis of health, mental, and psychological states.



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Email: zengrh [at] smbu (dot) edu (dot) cn

Research Opportunities

  • Master's & PhD Students: At Computer Science Department, Beijing Institute of Technology.
  • Visiting Students/TA Positions: Research opportunities with accommodation and stipend.
  • Remote Interns: Weekly guidance meetings.
  • News

  • Two papers on video analysis is accepted by CVPR 2024 (1 oral (90 of the 2719 accepted papers) + 1 poster).
  • One paper on vision-and-language navigatio is accepted by NeurIPS 2023.
  • One paper on video test-time adaptation is accepted by ACM MM 2023.
  • I am serving as a reviewer for CVPR 2023, ICCV 2023, NeurIPS 2023.
  • One paper on vision-and-language navigation is accepted by NeurIPS 2022.
  • I am serving as a reviewer for CVPR 2022, ICML 2022, ECCV 2022, NeurIPS 2022.
  • One paper on action recognition is accepted by TITS 2022.

    Selected Publications (Full List)

    Benchmarking the Robustness of Temporal Action Detection Models Against Temporal Corruptions

    Runhao Zeng, Xiaoyong Chen, Jiaming Liang, Huisi Wu, Guangzhong Cao, Yong Guo

    CVPR 2024

    Exploring Motion Cues for Video Test-Time Adaptation

    Runhao Zeng, Qi Deng, Huixuan Xu, Shuaicheng Niu, Jian Chen

    ACMMM 2023

    Bidirectional Posture-Appearance Interaction Network for Driver Behavior Recognition

    Mingkui Tan, Gengqin Ni, Xu Liu, Shiliang Zhang, Xiangmiao Wu, Yaowei Wang, Runhao Zeng*

    TITS 2022

    Graph Convolutional Module for Temporal Action Localization in Videos

    Runhao Zeng, Wenbing Huang, Mingkui Tan, Yu Rong, Peilin Zhao, Junzhou Huang, Chuang Gan

    TPAMI 2021

    Dense Regression Network For Video Grounding

    Runhao Zeng, Haoming Xu, Wenbing Huang, Peihao Chen, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

    CVPR 2020

    Graph Convolutional Networks for Temporal Action Localization

    Runhao Zeng, Wenbing Huang, Mingkui Tan, Yu Rong, Peilin Zhao, Junzhou Huang, Chuang Gan

    ICCV 2019

    Breaking Winner-Takes-All: Iterative-Winners-Out Networks for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization

    Runhao Zeng, Chuang Gan, Peihao Chen, Wenbing Huang, Qingyao Wu, Mingkui Tan

    TIP 2019

    Data & Software

    PGCN. Temporal Action Localizaton.

    DRN. Video Grounding.


  • [04/2024 - present] Associate Professor at Shenzhen MSU-BIT University
  • [04/2022 - 03/2024] Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University
  • [01/2020 - 01/2021] Research Intern at Pengcheng Laboratory
  • [05/2018 - 11/2018] Research Intern at Tecent AI Lab

  • Service

    Conference Program Committee

    Journal Reviewer

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